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To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, regulations and rules, Nicho NFT, and their staff and employees shall not be liable for any form of infringement, any indirect, special, corresponding or other losses of the contract (including but not limited to loss of income, income or profit, and loss of use or data), or loss caused by your acceptance or reliance on this white paper or any part of it. If any NFT or Token transferred to you are lost due to any reason, Nicho NFT and its managers and employees shall not bear any responsibility for this, including but not limited to the inability to accurately maintain or back up the password, or the password cracked by others due to improper maintenance of the password. The Nicho NFT platform is in the early stages of development. Nicho NFT does not provide any guarantee for the release of any specific functions or components described in the white paper and assumes no responsibility or obligation for any damage caused or related to the inability to use any tokens. This white paper contains brief and selective information about any tokens and Nicho NFT business and affairs. It is not comprehensive or does not contain all the information needed by potential investors to investigate Nicho NFT . Buyers should conduct independent investigation and analysis of Nicho NFT by themselves, and evaluate all the information provided in this white paper by themselves. Regulators are carefully reviewing businesses and operations related to global crypto tokens. In this regard, regulatory measures, investigations or actions may affect Nicho NFT's business and may restrict or prevent its development in the future. Anyone who participated Nicho NFT must be aware that Nicho NFT's business model and/or platform may change or need to be modified due to new regulatory and compliance requirements of any applicable laws. Nicho NFT and any of its senior staff should not be regarded as consultants on any legal, tax or financial matters. Whether Nicho NFT or any affiliate or representative of Nicho NFT, it is clearly stated that they do not declare that the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this white paper or any other written or oral statements or guarantees (express or implied) provided to the token Sell related potential investors. Nicho NFT and any of its affiliates or representatives do not assume any and all responsibility for such information or other written or oral communications (including but not limited to any express or implied statements) and any errors or omissions therein. This white paper is only prepared for the purpose of providing information, and it is clearly understood that it is only used for the purpose set forth in this article. Except for considering whether to participate in the Nicho NFT platform, this white paper and its content are not applicable for other purposes.