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Why Nicho NFT?

Project Concept:
Nicho NFT is not confined to being an NFT marketplace or creator centre where the trading or minting of NFTs can be facilitated.
Instead, it is more like a step taken toward the future of WEB 3.0, which includes AIGC, gaming, earning, social, etc. Nicho Team believed that every single project that transforms the world starts with a seemingly crazy and stupid idea, and then it is made a reality through constant efforts. Indeed, the WEB3 are distant, but we should keep moving toward it.

1. AIGC NFT Generating

The NFT generator on NichoNFT is a cutting-edge feature that combines artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to provide users with a seamless experience in creating unique NFTs. This innovative tool offers several functionalities that make it stand out in the NFT space. Also, Nicho provides a prompt market, users are allowed to sell/buy their AIGC NFT and prompt with crypto. the AIGC NFT Creator on NichoNFT provides a unique, user-friendly, and versatile tool for creating AI-generated NFTs, allowing users to explore their creativity and tap into the thriving NFT market.

2. Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Nicho NFT DAO’s purpose is to build a large-scale blockchain community; this will be achieved by including an innovative blockchain product, where the asset ownership, governance and economic system rights. Additionally, all project rights are processed through community management. Web3, DAO and the concept of decentralisation, which will become a major trend, have become closely associated with our project because of the inception of Nicho NFT. All artworks in Nicho NFT are created through blockchain smart contracts. Nicho NFT has avoided seeking ownership over artwork assets, and it instead focuses on being a trading platform system as well as a community for artists.
However, Nicho NFT currently relies on the core team to make proposals, which can only occur if a specific number of community votes are won. Which is an incomplete DAO. In the future, through the web3 technology, the platform will gradually be handed over to DAO management; this will lead to the community users and fans owning and managing products.

3. Easier for Newbies

Nicho NFT focuses on providing a simple and no-code experience for the users. Often, designing and coding skills are required by beginners, which intend to build a successful NFT collection. But Nicho ensures that low-level skills enable successful capabilities. We have gathered perspectives from novice users, and since collecting data we have redesigned the creating process of an NFT collection to be easier alongside a high-support system. There is still a lot of room for growth in the number of Internet users that will jump on board with NFTs. These members will be guided into the new era of Web 3.0 in a simpler way by Nicho NFT.

4. Mint/Trade to Earn

Nicho NFT has its unique reward system. Transactions and creations that are made within a certain timeframe will be rewarded to each address. These rewards come from the reward treasury of Nicho NFT tokens. The design of these token systems was originally made to improve the platform’s liquidity. This incentive system allows external and internal smart-contract users to continue trading and creating. And both types of smart-contract users receive quality rewards.

5. Multi-Chain NFTs

the The transaction fees charged by the Ethereum public chain have been attracting criticism from the majority of blockchain enthusiasts. For most of sporadic users, the decentralized transactions conducted on the Ethereum public chain are barely applicable to average-scale transactions. In December 2021, it cost about $60 to send an ERC20 token. Additionally, conducting NFT transactions on Opensea led to extra transaction fees, which can reach up to $300 per transaction. For many of the sporadic users, this negatively impacts their financial position, and they struggle to make their first step in obtaining NFTs. However, after our efforts to understand the advantages of different mainnets, our users will have the ability to choose where to trade and mint their NFTs independently based on their financial situation.

6. Rich Functions

Selling Art NFT in the Nicho NFT marketplace provides artists with a platform to make a fortune.
The Auction system will ensure that creative works are valued correctly and fairly. NFT paves the way for artists to make a profit. The auction system is one of the most popular NFT forms, and there has always been an upwards trend in its popularity. Nicho permits collectors to bid for the artist’s work until the artist receives a satisfying offer.
The Batch Mint function would help users if they have multiple pieces of art to be minted into NFT, we need to complete them one by one, which is super wasting time. So we believe that a good platform should have a one-click mint function to help users create NFTs faster and easier.
The Own Contracted Collection function would help the user create their own contract once they create the NFT collection.