Mint & Trade


Nicho NFT allows users to mint their NFT whenever and wherever they want! All you need is a crypto wallet and your artwork. Simply link your wallet to our website and choose the main net you would like to use. Then you will instantly be able to mint your own NFT!

We provided two different collection styles to let users display their NFTs, we can have FREE & Paid collections for every collection.

There is also a Batch Mint function for those who have a large collection of artworks. We have developed systems to suit every type of person.


On the Nicho NFT, NFT trades can be processed without having to go through any middlemen. ALSO! WE ARE FREE TO TRADE! It ensures that the sales or purchases of NFTs travel directly through your own wallet. Relying on a third party to monitor your own assets is no longer a requirement! You will be in control.

Nicho NFT provides one-stop services from mint to sell. Please notice that we are not charging minting fees, you only need to pay the main net gas fee! And only pay transaction fees when you successfully sell your work. No transaction fees for buyers!!!

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