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The Team

Web3in Tech-Lab Pty Ltd

Web3in Tech-Lab, a project development institution, has its main headquarters located in Western Australia. It is a global technology studio focused on Web 3.0 application development.

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Core Members of The Nicho Team

Advisor Board
Marketing Team

Co-COO, Co-Founder - Ben Chan (LinkedIn)

Ben holds a Master's degree from Curtin University and entered the blockchain development industry in 2020 with an impressive background. He has a professional certificate in decentralized finance from Wharton Business School, Google Management, and agile management. His academic accomplishments have equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of blockchain development applications, leading him to excel as a project leader and director of various blockchain initiatives. Moreover, Ben has played a crucial role in pioneering groundbreaking solutions in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3d holographic display and IoT integration within blockchain projects. His exceptional skills in business modelling, application development, financing, listing, and project delivery make him stand out as a trailblazer in the rapidly evolving blockchain space.

Co-COO, Co-Founder - Eddie Xu (LinkedIn)

Eddie holds a Master of Finance from The University of Western Australia and is committed to the development, investment, and management of large-scale real estate projects, as well as mining and medical equipment ventures. Notably, he has played an instrumental role in implementing cutting-edge technology solutions to optimize operations and drive innovation in these sectors. Eddie also brings C-level management experience from his time with listed apparel companies in China, where he helped lead digital transformation initiatives. He boasts an extensive network of resources and has proven expertise in various aspects of corporate operations, capital management, and financing, making him a valuable asset in any endeavour.

Chief Developer, Co-Founder - Stanley Liu (LinkedIn)

Stanley has a double Master's degree from The University of Sydney, and now he's enrolled as a business founder and full-stack developer in the blockchain industry. He has extensive experience in technical designing, developing, and implementing processes. He has skills in data mining, modelling and processing, BI reporting, and artificial intelligent implement by machine learning. Furthermore, With a strong background in computer science, Stanely has honed his skills in AI development through hands-on experience and continuous learning. He has worked on chatbots, recommendation systems, and data analysis tools. Stanley is also an active member of the AI community, participating in conferences and hackathons to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the field. As a result, he is well-equipped to bring cutting-edge AI techniques to any project he undertakes, ensuring impactful and innovative solutions.

Head of Developer - 용후 Cui (LinkedIn)

Mr Cui has been a senior developer for over 8 years. This role has increased his skills in several areas such as software developing, augmenting, leading teams, programming, etc. He currently focuses on augmenting reality games or apps and developing Web3 and blockchain projects. He has led and participated in more than 40 development projects.

Full-Stack Dev - Lance Lee (LinkedIn)

Alongside 10 years of development experience, once worked as a game developer at miHoYo. Lance is a full-stack developer of Web3 DApp and Smart Contracts, now joined the Web3 world as a valuable team member of Nicho.

AI Dev - Derek Chan

Derek is a skilled AI developer with 3 years of experience, specializing in machine learning, deep learning, and NLP. A graduate of the University of Western Australia, he has contributed to innovative AI solutions for notable tech companies. Derek is passionate about technical excellence and leveraging AI to address real-world problems.

Full-Stack Dev - Laam Wong (LinkedIn)

Full stack blockchain developer, with more than 3 years of development experience in Decentralize applications; smart contracts; Ethereum Virtual Machine; and Defi Quant Research (mid-level). Now I joined Web3in Tech-Lab and focus on the backend and smart contract development part for projects.

Full-Stack Dev - Kyo Uchiyama 内山 京 (LinkedIn)

Through more than 4 years of Blockchain & Web3 application development experience mainly focused DeFi and NFT projects, Kyo achieved several goals as a senior Blockchain and Web3 Engineer. Now he joined Web3in Tech-Lab to deliver high-level performance and build a better world in the Smart Contract and Frontend field.

Frontend Dev - DouDou

P7 Developer in Alibaba who had 7 years of front-end development experience, proficient in vue, react, uniapp tech-stack, rich experience in Javascript, CSS3 and HTML5, and front/back development. Current join Nicho for front-end framework construction, UI/UX design, etc.

Business Advisor - Sikuo Yang (LinkedIn)

Sikuo Yang is a results-oriented independent investor. He invests in organisations associated with IT, marketing, business development, project management and finance. He has a strong understanding of Web3.0 and obtains high operation and implementation skills. Yang is known to have strong initiative and management abilities. He has closed more than 50 high-value projects within Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Business Advisor - Tony Cheng (LinkedIn)

Tony comes from many years of financial planning background and has also worked on property development in Perth. Over the years, he has built up a widespread Chinese, Australian and Southeast Asia network in the mining, energy resources, property, technology and agribusiness sectors. He jointly developing an NFT project together with the Nicho team.

Asia Market Specialist - Six (LinkedIn)

Xiao Liu has 7 years of blockchain and mobile application operations experience. Xiao has successfully operated four large-scale blockchain projects. And she has participated in the success of multiple projects by providing advice for developing strategies, marketing planning, community building and operating services.

Marketing Specialist - Sze Nok Lau (LinkedIn)

Sze Nok Lau graduated with a Bachelor of Marketing from Curtin University. He has more than 5 years of experience in Defi and cryptocurrency systems. He has a strong understanding of identifying and solving blockchain project problems. He is customer and brand-focused, and through his strong communication skills, he wants to ensure that the customers are provided with reliable support.