Nicho Book
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Token Name: Nichonft Token

Token Symbol: NICHO

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

After Seed Round Burned: 952,811,764.71

Mainnet: Binance Smart Chain

Contract ownership has been renounced, click here to check the hash
Official unique BSC contract address:
*Please double check that you are swapping with the correct contract address and beware of scams*
The purpose of issuing $NICHO governance token is to give the community the opportunity to become a future driving force in building the Dapp. The ultimate goal of Nicho NFT is to develop into a fully decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), this will provide platform users with complete governance. The DAO will aim to resolve all issues. Users’ needs will be addressed. Opinions will be heard. Content will be monitored. And funding will be fair. In a DAO, your voice will be heard.