Our team has been fed up with the current business model in the crypto world. We hope that NICHO can start from a solution, step by step to the grand ideal we build, rather than just propose an empty concept.

At present, the breakthrough in the NFT market is realistic construction, We need more Internet users to enter the WEB3 world. Therefore, Nicho will cooperate with global brands; artists; charities; well-known IPs, etc., to earn the first pot of the project by providing them with NFT solutions. and turn their users and fans to accumulate users for Nicho, To achieve a win-win effect.

We have signed cooperation with some brands and artists so far, and the first event will be launched in September.


We are helping some traditional industries get into the WEB 3 world, e.g some consumer brands can conduct marketing activities or stimulate user consumption by combining NFTs.


Our mission is to help users have a high-quality and simple interactive experience in the web3 world. We will try to incubate the quality creators on Nicho, so that users can expand freely in the WEB 3 world.


Art is inspired by life but beyond it. Nicho NFT hopes to create an art world for the WEB3.0 community, where everyone can gain appreciation and beneficiary income by sharing their artworks. Nicho NFT is in discussion and negotiation to cooperate with some Australian brands to provide them with one-stop NFT solution services evolving to WEB 3.0.


Metaverse, which is based on blockchain technology, is one of the critical presentation forms of Web3.0. Nicho NFT has introduced a production mode in the form of NFT so that the Metaverse and Internet as digital-art carriers expand. And virtual reality installation applications, such as 3D exhibitions and Nicho Planet, will be developed.


Nicho NFT has partnered with several charities located in Australia to help those charities join the Web 3.0 world, and homepages for these charities have been created. When the charities make sales, Nicho NFT will transfer all the income to their e-wallets. These transfers will be made in the form of cryptocurrency. The charities will receive all the profit.

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