Nicho Book

The Road Map

It's actually a DO LIST

Core Functions


  • Marketplace Contract (V9)
  • Batch Mint Function
  • Auction & Bid Contract (V3)
  • Create Collection
  • Contracted Collection
  • Free Collection
  • BSC
  • NFT Swap
  • ERC
  • SUI
  • Mobile Application


  • Web3 Product Shop (Trun NFT to product function)
  • Airdrop contract
  • Trade to earn reward contract
  • Mint to earn reward contract
  • Contribution/DAO ranking reward system
  • Token staking contract
  • Token staking contract V2
  • LP Staking contract


  • Image generator (Dell-2)
  • Image generator (Stable diffusion)
  • Video generator
  • Music generator
  • Invoice generator
  • Prompt-NFT Market

Nicho Planet

  • UI/UX design
  • System design
  • Contract standard
  • DAO page
  • Voting page
  • NFT prediction
  • Nicho Park


  • Customizable user profile
  • Social System
  • Intro Video
  • User guide
  • Light & Dark visual version
  • Multi-languages
  • Search function and filter function
  • Server storage extension
  • Server upgrade
  • Pass Nicho Github core codes to Nicho DAO
  • Add other languages

Finance & Management

  • Co-Founders invest
  • Legal company registration
  • Seed round fundraising
  • Private Round Placement
  • Initial token offering
  • Offer DAO Rewards

Cooperation & Event

  • Cooperate with the first Australian artist
  • Cooperate with the first Charity in Australia
  • Cooperate with The first art schools in Australia
  • Organize the first local event in West Australia
  • Deploy the first Australia Charity's NFT Collection
  • Allocate funds to the University Scholarship Program
  • Arrange the first Nicho Community Carnival
  • Cooperate with the Manufacturer for Nicho VR Device
  • Cooperate with Universities in Australia for Web 3.0 courses
To be honest,
the Nicho Team will struggle to guarantee immediate updates to new features and functions. The goals of Nicho DAO will alter the productivity rate. Our aim is to improve our speed, although projections can be negatively impacted by potential disruptions. However, it is certain that we are challenging ourselves and producing work to the best of our ability. We are open to receiving and responding to feedback, however with a busy environment, our focus is to privately research and produce breakthroughs.