DAO & Holder Rights

As a platform token, $NICHO's core value is that users holding governance tokens can participate in project governance and vote on important platform decisions, such as platform function improvements and fee structure adjustments. This helps to achieve more democratic and fair community governance, allowing users to participate in the development of the platform.

In addition, $NICHO will also be used as a consumption token for some functions. For example, you need to pay a small amount of NICHO to complete the generation of AI-NFT.

1. Voting rights for system and functional design

A crucial part of token holder rights is to have an influence on the development of the platform, which requires the support of the community to be able to grow.

Holders of NICHO can submit and vote on the following proposals:

  • Black/White List

  • Select the monthly TOP3 artist

  • New features to be developed or implemented by the development team

  • Using NICHO further to decentralize the governance and development of Nicho NFT.

  • Nicho Park ticket

2. Payment for Functions

Users can use $NICHO tokens to pay for some functions, such as the AI generator, or purchase prompts from other users listed.

3. Prediction

Nicho Prediction is an easy-to-use and enjoyable decentralised prediction playground. By predicting the rise or fall of the daily average price of NFT blue-chip projects, you can win! Use NICHO to win NICHO!

NFT Prediction

4. Management

Achieving community-based moderation is a challenging task. Implementing a management model, that induces spontaneity, is a prime concern. After the LP is locked, the liquidity provider of the token is authorised to manage the platform for a certain time period.

5. Curate the Best Artwork

The community can cultivate more artists for the platform. Besides, when a promising artist is discovered, the platform can offer the homepage top service for the artists chosen by the community. Also, these decisions are taken within the self-care community.

6. Convert to Nicho park's ticket

Nicho park is gaming and economic deflation system. Users need to convert stNICHO to play the games and win other users' stNICHO through that.

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