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Within all about Nicho's functions

Nicho NFT is a feature-rich and easy-to-use multi-integration NFT trading platform with NO trading fees, where you can easily step into the Web 3.0 world. You can start now by purchasing/mint/sell your first NFT!

Through our guidance, content creators and collectors can easily enter the Web 3.0 world. We will simplify the process and remove code, which will ultimately make it appeal to the general internet user. The decentralised multi-integration system allows users to trade NFTs between different public chains. Our system already allows the process of collecting and trading NFTs. But with further commitment from the company’s organizers users can befriend their favourite artists through our social system.
Our Nicho NFT is unique, and it is different from the existing NFT Marketplace. Based on the new business model, Nicho team is trying to increase the population of Web 3.0. The population will include different types of branding and artists. They will all be encouraged to create their own NFT collections. Through our system, users will easily be able to display and sell their digital artworks; this system is easy-to-use, efficient and reliable.