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How B2C works in Nicho

B2C B2C (Business to Consumer) is one of the most common business models today. Over the past few decades, traditional industries have built a solid foundation in the market through this model. However, with the passage of time, many traditional industries have entered the bottleneck of development, and some limitations of the traditional B2C model have gradually emerged. Some examples:

  • Online B2C Online shopping malls, for example, are becoming more and more popular. As the number of users grows, people find that they often buy products that are not suitable for them. The reason is that the Internet itself has limitations. In this mode, the products can only be shown to consumers through pictures, and the real details of the products cannot be guaranteed. However, through WEB3 technology, the concept of Metaverse was introduced through the application of AR, VR and other devices. In the future, the traditional online B2C model will become more realistic, and it will be easier for users to find products that are truly suitable for them. In addition, the online B2C model also has shortcomings in terms of transaction security. The security of traditional online transactions is still the main factor affecting the development of traditional industries. Credit card fraud alone costs online B2C merchants around the world tens of billions of dollars a year, according to one figure. In fact, the security problem of online transactions is mainly the problem of trust between people, and in WEB3, through smart contracts, these problems can be solved perfectly. The immutability of the blockchain also makes the evidence in the transaction more credible and easier to resolve transaction disputes

  • Offline B2C The biggest problem facing offline B2C is the limitation of the market. If a business only focuses on offline sales, its market will be limited to a certain region. Opening a chain store is a way to expand the market, but it is also expensive. WEB3 can help offline B2C achieve the perfect transition from offline to online in different ways. WEB3 users come from all over the world, easily breaking geographical restrictions, helping enterprises to achieve broader market expansion.

Well, in short, we are helping some traditional industries improve their B2C model and enter the world of WEB 3. We will provide customized solutions for different companies to solve their problems or achieve their desired goals through the combination of blockchain, NFT and industry.

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