Social Responsibility

Crypto has been used for charitable giving for some time now and accepted by many different charities. NICHO is reaching cooperation intentions with some charities to open special pages for them, and all proceeds will be directly received in their crypto wallet of the institution.

Artists are eager to assist public welfare programs. Art is an innovative driving force for community welfare through the existence of interconnected art collections, creative sentiment and artists’ morals. The charitable campaigns launched by Nicho NFT focus on art investment and digital art development, which enhance the influence of NFTs and engage the public in digital art trading.

Charities in Australia have long been producing positive energy and results through their earnest efforts. Nicho NFT will enter into cooperation with charities in Australia. All profits will immediately be transferred into the charities’ crypto wallets in cryptocurrency form. On the Charity Homepage, transactional charges will not be applied. In addition, NFT artworks will be created for them. Nicho NFT’s aim is to increase collaboration benefits between art and charities, this will be achieved through online promotion. The benefits of art will be felt by endless amounts of socio-economic and cultural groups. Cryptocurrency has been used in charitable giving. The form of cryptocurrency gift-giving has been recognised by many types of charities around the world. In recent years, charities that accept donations made in cryptocurrencies have rapidly increased. The increase of easier and faster flowing funds, in relation to decentralisation, has provided beneficial mechanisms for not-for-profit organisations to receive donations. Additionally, by escaping international bank transfer charges and the lengthy process, cryptocurrency has made donations cost-effective and time efficient.

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