Create Collections

Free Collection:

Nicho NFT values Free โ€œCollectionโ€ creation because it is an important feature. Users are now asked to create at least one collection before they mint NFT.โ€œCollectionโ€ allows other users to easily understand your creative background and personal concepts. And it also creates ease for creators who have a lot of artwork to sort and manage.โ€œCollectionโ€ is a good feature that has made the system easier to use.

Paid (own) Collection:

Nicho NFT provides users with several options when creating a collection. NFTs can be chosen to be minted by smart contracts that are deployed in the Nicho Marketplace. Otherwise, another option is Nichoโ€™s NO CODE function, which is a new and independent ERC721 standard smart contract.

In their own smart contract, it is 100% owned by the owner address that created the collection. The users have absolute control over the contract, and they can adjust the trading fee so it reflects the creator's demands.

Own collection provided royalty function to users, the "creator royalty" turns the traditional fee model on its head by being written into the smart contract at creation and automatically sending the royalty to the contract owner's address every time a transaction occurs in the series. With this new model, we can guarantee the rights of creators and provide users with a low-fee service.

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