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Token Sales

Seed Round - FINISHED

Fund raising: Soft cap $200K USD
Maximum release 62,000,000 NICHOs, 6.2% of the total supply.
Price: $0.017 USD per NICHO
individual cap: $1,000 - $15,000 USD
Period: 46 days
  • The funds raised in the seed round will be mainly for project development, team member salary, and meeting the basic resources of the project.
  • Distribution - 10% of the total subscription amount will be released at the end of the first month after the token is listed. While the remaining 90% of the subscribed tokens will start a nine-month cliff. Then, after another nine months of monthly linear vesting, the private round investors will receive 10% of the tokens each month.
  • All vesting tokens will be locked in the smart contract as they are automatically released, and the development team will not interfere with claiming the vesting token in the scheduled time.
  • Burn - The unsubscribe/unsold tokens will be burned after the private sale period
  • If the hard cap is reached before the sale period ends, the seed round will be completed immediately, with no additional tokens released.

Seed Ended Announcement: Click here


Fundraising: Hard cap $TBA
Maximum release: 7.2% of the total supply. (Included Pre-sale)
Price: $TBA per $NICHO
individual cap: TBA
Period: TBA
Purpose - The funds raised through the private round will be spent on meeting the essential resources for the project, the cloud storage, the project marketing, listing and business cooperation fees, etc.

Strategic Sell

Release 48,000,000 NICHOs, 4.8% of the total supply.

Strategic sell is only open to cooperators and will be announced once cooperated.