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Nicho Park

Nicho Park is a decentralised online themed web page that runs as the metaverse of connected games. Explore Nicho Park, an amusement park where you can make friends and compete against others on the Web3 World. The platform’s main purpose is to allow Internet users to experience and popularize their Web3 knowledge, and it is also a starting point for Nicho to enter the virtual world. The Nicho world will allow you to discover NFT creations, compete against other players, plus build, and explore games. Your online interactions will extend all over the world.
To enter the amusement park you will use tokens, which can be obtained by receiving game rewards or staking NichoNFT tokens on the Nicho market. As a game owner, you will have complete control over the structure and creation of the game. If assistance is required in the designing or creating of a virtual amusement park, then builders are always accessible. The marketplace is yours to explore, sell, expand, and trade with others.