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NFT Swap

NFT collectors collected a series of survey answers from the community. Later it was found that some users wanted an easier way to trade their NFTs. Currently, there are a limited number of platforms that provide an easy trading system for NFT collectors.
In response to the demand for easier trading systems, the Nicho team is adding an NFT swap function for NFT collectors. This new trading system will be seamless and manageable for a large variety of users.

The working way of Nicho NFT swap:

Nicho NFT Swap will allow users to swap their NFT directly to other users without ETH or BNB.

We allow you to trade:

(eg: Crypto Punks #1234 to Bored Ape #1234)
NFT to NFT + Crypto
(eg: Crypto Punks #1234 to Bored Ape #1234 + 2 ETHs)
All users will be able to browse and sell their NFTs in the marketplace with the NFT swap function, the same as regular NFTs trading. We believe this function will further open up user scalability, and find new ways to trade NFT assets and help the whole industry grow.