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With the most basic NFT trading market as the starting point, Nicho NFT will gradually infiltrate the metaverse concept. It is hoped that a complete blockchain city governed by DAO can be built in the future under the support of VR and other hardware devices. Of course, given the current state of technological advancement, we need to build such a world from the present. However, Nicho plans to deal with the layout in advance. A virtual reality world is gradually built for users, who can experience the cross-space art performances, and appreciate digital virtual fashion. Our aim is to create a subversive parallel world where all the sensory organs of users can be evoked through the most realistic experience.

In the metaverse “cross-space” art gallery there will be a stronger integration between the real world and virtual worlds. A new attractive and challenging art palace will be created for users. These users will be able to choose a variation of exhibition halls to visit according to their preferences, and they will then be able to purchase favourable NFT works.

Digital Virtual Fashion Show

Nicho NFT Metaverse will attract 3D artists and creative designers because of the unique attribute it offers, which is the ability for artists to display their own products. Nicho NFT users will feel as if the venue lights are warming their own skin while they watch models confidently display garments. In addition, the Nicho NFT will feature the world’s first virtual supermodel, who will try on and recommend fashion garments. Metaverse will provide an endless number of possibilities for the fashion industry to excel throughout the technological era. Systems that are unachievable in real-life shows will be achievable. Nicho NFT Metaverse will enable more opportunities. For instance, the Nyan Cat which is a virtual cat that stylistically changes has demonstrated the fusion between time and space.

Hyper Virtual Auction House

Users can virtually auction their works on the Metaverse. These trades can be organised as one-on-one interactions; this auction experience excels other forms of media platforms. For instance, during a virtual super concert, it will be easy to grasp the dream of coming onto the stage. Passing through the threshold between virtual worlds and the real world will be possible. And throughout these digital immersive experiences, all five senses will feel as if they are electrified. The new audio-visual effect will allow signers and fans to make supernatural communication.